Hedgehog holds a special place in freshman Avery Byrd’s heart

Amber Kegel, Introduction to Journalism student

Typically teens want cats and dogs for pets, but Avery Byrd is a hedgehog person.

“I looked them up and there was one up for adoption near where I lived,” Byrd said.

            She was looking for a pet at the time and didn’t know what to get. Byrd saw an online video of a hedgehog and immediately fell in love. Then she Googled “hedgehogs” and saw that one was up for adoption in her area. Her parents were not as thrilled about getting a hedgehog.

“I had to convince my parents to let me get her,” she said.

 Byrd’s parents were reluctant to get a hedgehog at first, but she was able to eventually convince them by showing how responsible she can be with her other pets. She also owns a dog and three beta fish. Eventually, she got a female hedgehog named Gypsy.

“[I like] getting to play with her because she is so funny and crazy and she always loves to snuggle with me,” Byrd said.

Gypsy is a very rambunctious hedgehog. She is two years old and full of energy. She enjoys playing and snuggling with Byrd. She has white and grey fur, little pink feet, and brown eyes. Byrd enjoys her time with Gypsy because she is a sweet and simple pet that doesn’t require much cleaning up after.