Breuer leaves behind the stress for the summer

Kerrigan Edwards, Staff writer

Most people aren’t aware of the work that gets put in behind every school year. Who sends out schedules and arranges graduation? Well, this is the job of Mary Breuer, CMR’s very own records clerk.

After spending three years in this position, Breuer says that she has figured out what she needs to get done on a daily basis.

“The first year was just figuring out what I needed to do, learning the job. In the second, I got more comfortable but was still working on it. Now, I feel like I could run the place,” Breuer said. 

The clerk has made friends in her time of being at CMR and she enjoys working together with them. Over the summer, her work doesn’t stop. She is scheduled to go to a meeting called MAZBO.

“My job will be to answer questions. We teach the smaller schools how our processes work,” Breuer said. She also attends a meeting with secretaries, and there they will discuss PowerSchool, mailing systems, and new students. When the school year ends, Breuer has a lot of weight lifted off of her shoulders. All stress that builds up over the year is now done for the most part and everyone can relax.

As a first-time grandmother, Breuer is looking forward to taking walks with her granddaughter and spending time with her sisters from Wyoming and Colorado.