English teacher Jill Showen lays out her summer

Taylor Willmarth, Staff writer

Finals week is here, the seniors have already graduated, and summer is just over the hill. Students can’t wait to jump into their summer plans and forget about school until the end of August. For English teacher Jill Showen, it’s not quite that easy.

“I think a common misconception about teachers is that we don’t do anything over the summer,” Showen explained. “Most teachers are working over the summer.”

Showen said that while there is plenty of time to relax and spend time with her family, she still has to focus on professional development activities and classes. In addition to being a teacher, Showen works two jobs at the mall.
 “I work at Bath and Body Works and Scheels. I really enjoy the retail jobs because I get to interact with people and it’s really different from teaching. You go, you clock in, and then you leave,” she said.

Showen explained that her summer jobs are a nice break from the school year and can be the opposite of her job as a leader in the classroom.

“You don’t have to make lesson plans because you have a boss telling you what you need to do,” she said.

  Showen’s daughter Sydney plays softball for the Great Falls Selects. Because the team travels frequently   “Our vacation is travelling for softball. This weekend, we have to leave on the last day of school for Billings, so we are jumping right in. In August, we are supposed to go to Washington,” Showen said. She explained that she is OK with the constant travelling with the team because it allows her to spend more time with her family.

  Showen also enjoys listening to her son, CMR sophomore Tanner Showen, perform with his rock band.

 “The concerts are always at the Back Alley Pub, and this time I think they are playing with another group. It’s really fun, and I usually live stream it on my Facebook page. While it’s not my kind of music at all, it’s just really a good time to watch them play,” she said.  “They are good kids, and I’m glad he’s doing it.”

Though Showen doesn’t teach anything over the summer, she enjoys seeing her students when they go into the mall.

“I chat with them and love to hear about how their summers are going. One of my managers said that kids come in asking if I am working. It’s like they think I am working here all the time if I am not at school,” Showen said. “It really makes me feel good that kids come in and actually look for me and like me enough to want to see me.”