New math teacher incorporates relationships into his teaching style

Kaylebb Stahmer, Staff Writer

Influenced by the values he gained from working at Paris Gibson Education Center, new math teacher Joseph Yeisley’s teaching style leads him to build relationships with students. He says this would help him understand how he can work more effectively with the students.

“I want them to understand that I’m here to support them not just as a teacher toward a student, but as a person towards another person. And so that’s really what I hope they see,” Yeisley said.

This is Yeisley’s second year teaching, with his first year being at Paris Gibson Education Center. He said his year at Paris taught him the importance of the relationship with a student and learning to figure out what they value and using that to work more effectively together. Comparatively, his year at CMR so far has been set at a much different pace.

“Here at CMR, there’s a lot of things that we have to cover with a lot of events going on  outside of the classroom, and so things move I would say a little bit quicker,” he said. “Also the amount of students and keeping up with grading can be a little difficult at times because you want the students to have their grades as up-to-date as possible, but with the 150 students it can be difficult at times.”

While Yeisley enjoyed his year at Paris, he says he is looking forward to being in a more traditional classroom where he can gain the experience of learning how to work with so many kids that learn differently. Students who learn kinesthetically, visually, and auditorily are all in the same classroom, so that’s something he says he is learning how to accommodate to.