Luft brings college experience to CMR teaching staff


Photo by Kieran Palen

David Miller, Staff Writer

An articulate presence has taken over room 402. Dr. Steve Luft begins his first year as the drafting teacher at CMR this year and comes in with 22 years of college teaching experience. Luft earned his doctorate with four degrees, including an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Drafting from MSU Northern, a Master’s Degree in Technical Communication from Montana Tech, and a Doctorate’s Degree in Adult and Higher Education from MSU Bozeman.

 He’s done well adjusting to the change in environment, and it’s definitely been an experience.

“There’s been [rough] days,” said Luft, elaborating on the difference in classroom management. 

A large and noticeable change is the intent of students taking the class.

“[College classes] lead to a career,” explained Luft. He says that at the high school level, students take the class as an elective and sometimes have no plans to continue in the field.

Luft has taught drafting, architecture, woodworking, CNC machining, and civil engineering, and his teaching style centers around problem solving and focuses on “live projects,” or projects that help people in the community.

“I don’t like giving recipe assignments,” he said. A recipe assignment is an assignment wherein the instructions are given then strictly followed. Luft believes that this method of teaching isn’t as beneficial as problem solving. “I like to get as many people together to solve a problem.”