Great Falls welcomes back a former resident


Justin Freeny , Staff Writer

Every year hundreds of kids enter and leave CMR, whether they are coming here for their parents’ job, graduating, or joining the Rustler family as incoming freshmen. This time the Rustlers and the city of Great Falls are welcoming back one of its former residents, Senior Aria Bruffett. 

She left Great Falls in seventh grade because of her father’s job. Bruffett’s mother is a veteran,and her father is currently on active duty. She and her family come to us from San Antonio, Texas and she said the adjustment has been challenging.

“I took Texas as my home, so it was plenty hard leaving a place I consider as my home,” Bruffett said. Returning to a familiar place where she already had friends made the process a lot easier, she added. 

Bruffett’s fellow Rustlers have been very welcoming, along with her boyfriend who has been a large help in reintroducing her to the Electric City’s wonderful qualities .

“Although there is less opportunity, I feel more at home here,” Bruffett said. She is an active part of several  social activities at CMR, including the Symphonic Band and the drama department. 

She said she is going to be starring as a nurse in the show “SouthPacific.”

Bruffet has handled the transition from San Antonio to Great Falls quite well thanks to her fellow Rustlers and the staff here at CMR.