CMR drama student aims to be part of the plot — not the atmosphere


Maggie Petersen and Zoey Schug

Savanna Solano, a returning member of the C. M. Russell High School drama department, begins to eliminate her distractions for the night in order to keep her mind on the drama department’s auditions for Stephen Gregg’s Trap.

Drama has been a passion of hers since freshman year, but now she’s ready to take on a larger role.

“I kind of want to be Angela, the main victim,” she said. Solano’s eyes light up as she describes her favorite scene. It’s obvious weeks of preparation have gone into this audition.

“[To prepare, I like] just saying [monologues] out loud and getting comfortable with my voice,” Solano said.

She describes Trap  as a unique show and one she is excited for the CMR student body to see.”

“As Mr. Evans would say, it’s very meta.”