Sophomores describe what makes them enjoy their high school experience

Ben Bailey, Intro to Journalism Writer

After a busy day at school, Ashton Blake finds pleasure in the involvement he has been able to experience at CMR. 


“ I really enjoy all the opportunities that are offered at CMR,” Blake said. 


He added that CMR has great educators who are willing to sacrifice so much of their time for their students. 


Blake is one of three sophomore Rustlers who has found what it means to get involved with school. 


“The program I really like is the band program and how much fun it is,” he said.   


He added that he has been playing percussion since the fifth grade, and now he has the opportunity to take private lessons from Lauree Wanger. 


He added that educationally in band it is to make music and relationships with others.  He also added getting involved with activities has helped him to be the person he is today. 


Like Blake, Brandon Crane thinks being a Rustler is enjoyable through competing in extracurriculars.      

“The friends and activities are why I enjoy going to CMR,” Crane said.

He added he has been participating in the CMR swim program for the last two years and has enjoyed doing it.  He also added that he has made many friends through the swim team and club. 


For Lydia Craw finds it is more than being a Rustler. She has found it is a part of who she is. 


“No matter who you are, this school still feels like a community,” Craw said.


  She also added that despite the things that are going on we’re still a part of something bigger than us,  but we can have a bigger impact. 


“I also enjoy how the classes are smaller, so we can get individual help,”she said. 


 She added that she is planning on graduating next school year and going to college at BYU Idaho.