OPINION:  Social Media’s cancel culture creates a toxic environment

Ava Donahue, Staff Writer

It’s no mystery that social media can be a very toxic place at times. Especially when you are a creator on social media. When you’re in the spotlight, everything you say and do is held against you. 

I’m sure we’ve all heard of at least one “scandal” on Tik Tok or another social media site. In most cases, the creator is cancelled before they get to tell their side of the story. This leads to the creator receiving thousands of hate comments from people all over the world. 

Reading these hate comments is horrible for the mental health of the creators, especially since most creators are teens or young adults. They’re still trying to figure out who they are as a person, and their whole life is in the spotlight. Yes, they chose to be creators, but that doesn’t mean they should be getting the amount of hate they do for misunderstandings or small mistakes. 

Big creators can do almost anything and someone will find something bad about it. It’s not only toxic for the creator to have to endure that hate, but it’s also incredibly hypocritical. I’m positive that every single person who has joined in on cancelling someone has made a similar mistake. 

Of course, there are reasons someone should lose their platform on social media. People who abuse the platform they have, shouldn’t have their platform unless they make a change and use their platform for good. 

However, most things people get cancelled for are either blown out of proportion or a small mistake that most teens have probably made. People throw “cancelled” around far too much. We need to do better and focus on bigger issues in our world.