A senior heads out to bigger and brighter things


Madison McMurphey, Russellog Staff

Senior Kaitlyn Bratten, the costume designer in the drama department, knows that her success comes from theater.

     “[I took]  theater starting my freshman year all the way to the end of my senior year. It’s given me confidence and a voice,” Bratten said.

She said the community pushes her and supports her not only to be a better actress but to be a better person. Theater is what made her push herself to follow her dreams, she added.

     “I’m going to miss the teachers. Most of the teachers I’ve had have really encouraged me and made me a better person,” she said. “The staff and teachers are great at CMR.”

After graduation, she plans on going to the University of Montana’s theater program to further her education. She said she hopes one day sto become a voice actor. 

Despite her love for the theater, Bratten said she won’t forget her favorite subject, which is government. 

      “I love learning about politics and looking into different court cases and seeing how they relate to the Constitution. Government is a class that really forces you to look at things from all perspectives and make a decision for yourself.”