Cellist ready to seek out new possibilities


Aerin McIntosh, Russellog Staff

Cadance McIntosh, one of the seniors leaving CMR this year, looks back at the last four years with things that she would never forget and some interesting possibilities for the future. 


“I wish I would have joined more clubs,” McIntosh said.. With her always being into orchestra and just not being a real people person, she said she wishes that she had opened more and got into school clubs that could have made the last four years more fun and interesting. Begging in a new shool can be hard. 


“I expected high school to be a lot more scary than it was, especially with all the seniors and the size of the school,” she said. Thinking back to freshman year, maybe everyone was just as scared as she was to be entering into a new school with a lot more people. There were a lot of new and striking experiences, including playing with the older kids to see what the rest of the orchestras were doing and what they were to expect the next year. 


Over the years, McIntosh experienced many things that she will never forget, but one event stuck out most.


“I will never forget being in the Mannheim Steamroller Concert that the orchestra did my freshman year. It was just an awe striking thing to do and experience. We got to play with the older kids and see what the rest of the orchestras were doing and what we got to expect the next year,” she said. “Not only was it an insight to the next year, but it was just so amazing to listen to all the orchestras come together and to play with that many people.” 


Playing the cello is one of her fondest memories, she said. With the future coming, McIntosh has had a ton of possibilities come and go through her mind, but she said she can’t wait to find out if her possibilities pan out to allow her to live her life to the fullest.