Chabot plans to pursue the medical field


Leslie Miller, Russellog Staff

Charlie Chabot has accomplished outstanding things as a high school student during the past four years. He has demonstrated great leadership in CMR’s HOSA program as well as participating in several varsity sports, including cross country, football, soccer, and track. He has always been a bright student and took a variety of AP and honors classes at C.M. Russell High School. 

One thing that Chabot said he took away from his high school experience was meeting amazing people and building friendships along the way. 

“One of my favorite high school memories was playing sports and making all kinds of friends through that,” he said.

Chabot plans on attending the University of Montana in the fall of 2021. He said that he would like to study pre-med and major in chemistry, as well as run competitively in the UM track program.

 During his senior year, he attended an internship about pre-med practice in the mornings. This was organized by teacher Christi Virts; Chabot said Virts and his dad are the inspirations behind his love for the medical field.