Cheer captain on path to Bobcats


Rory Hibbs, Russellog Staff

Senior Kaileia Wendt reflects on her final year absorbed in only positive memories despite the inevitable struggles most students have gone through. Wendt found this year amusing and fun, taking classes that met her with ease. Her favorite class this year in particular was sociology. Her favorite memory in all four years was having the opportunity to attend the state basketball tournament in 2020. 

Wendt remains unsure about a future career, but she knows she’s heading to the home of the Bobcats, Montana State University. As cheer captain in her fourth year on the CMR cheer team, Wendt recalls why she tried out in the beginning. Her 10 years in dance classes before high school were the deciding factors in her choice in this extracurricular, even getting her a spot in the cheerleading hall of fame.

      “I tried out for cheer because prior to that I did dance for 10 years and wanted a change but not too out of my comfort zone,” she said. “Something that makes it all worth it are the funny memories it comes with.” 

     Although the future may be uncertain, Wendt’s enthusiastic personality, passion and leadership will forever remain as a part of her legacy left behind at CMR.