Promising Senior is Utah Bound


Nichole Gambino, Russellog Staff


For senior Nathasha Brown, her time at CMR has been filled with smiles, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Brown moved to Great Falls when she was a sophomore. Before that, she lived in Alaska for eight years.

“Compared to my old school, it has a lot more opportunities, and on the first day of school, I managed to make a lot of friends,” Brown said.

The most challenging subject for her was science.

“At my old school, science wasn’t covered very well, so when I got here I was behind.” she said.

Biology with teacher Tom Cubbage was difficult for Brown, she said, because she didn’t quite understand the concepts. For her junior year, she took Forensics, which she highly recommends to anyone who struggles with science.

 “It is a very hands-on class, so If you are into that, forensics would be perfect for you,” Brown said.

If she could go back, one thing Brown would do is take sign language. A lot of her friends in Alaska are fluent, and it is a great life skill. For Brown, senior year was her favorite. Since she got all of her required classes done, she has only had four classes this year.  She loved having open periods and longer lunches to spend more time with friends. 

“Make sure you cover all your classes before senior year, so that when it finally rolls around, you can have the time for all your fun elective classes,” she said.

For her next chapter, Brown plans to move to Provo, Utah, and earn some money before attending Utah Valley University. Nathasha is unsure of what her career path is, but she is interested in both photography and psychology.