Young’s high school experience


Krysti Taylor, Russellog Staff

Senior Mathea Young, one of the many cadets of the JROTC class, is hoping to go to college through the military. 

The best thing about CMR is the teachers and the atmosphere, and how the ones that I’ve had are so nice and continue to be through the years,” she said.

 Young says the JROTC group was her favorite and the best hands down. She gets to interact and go see military bases, which she says is pretty fun.

 “I’m going to really miss the teachers, and the JROTC instructors the most,” Young said.

 “My high school experience has taught me to be careful of who I make friends with, and who to trust,” she said.

 It also taught her what the world would be like and how to be more independent. Young had to get a job after and before school, which takes up a lot of her day.

The thing she looks forward to in the future the most is living her life to the fullest and being able to experience new things.

 “I am also looking forward to the people I will meet in the future, and being able to achieve all my goals set.”