The future is female, new club rises with empowerment.


Madison McMurphey and Kayla Muston

As the new year started so did new clubs. Moxie is a feminist club that includes all genders. In the club they talk about women’s rights and more. However, this club does so much more than just talk, they do fun activities as well.

 Dani Vaughn Krank is the vice president of Moxie. Krank wants to change the world by using the club’s goals.  

“Moxie isn’t just a feminist club, moxie is to help women not only be themselves but to stand up for themselves,” she said.

Moxie’s meaning is a force of character or nerve. Krank was inspired to join Moxie because it empowers women. 

“I know that with what we are doing in Moxie, we will make big changes not only at Charles. M. Russell,  but all around Great Falls and maybe around the world,” she said.

Moxie shows that women can be just as powerful as men, and that women have every right to feel safe and protected. 

Moxie is also implementing community service to change great falls. Moxie will be helping other women that are unable to afford hygiene products and feminine products. They will also be selling shirts to promote the club. 

“My job is to help with ideas such as activities and help with whatever the president needs,” Krank said.