Sports editor sprints to get coverage


Photo by Kerrigan Edwards

Sports editor Ben Bailey works on yearbook spread.

Kerrigan Edwards, Editor in Chief

The position of sports editor for the Russellog staff can only be done by someone who values being incredibly precise, and accuracy in news. This editor happens to be Benjamin Bailey, a senior who is now in his second year on the Russellog staff. 

“What we see happening right now before us is history in the making,” Bailey said. 

Along with making sure that he is portraying students and their sports endeavors correctly, Bailey also finds importance in making sure that every student has a voice in the yearbook. 

“I wanna get the people that never get covered the opportunity to be covered.”

Becoming the sports editor felt natural to Bailey, as participation in school events is a valuable part of his high school career. 

“I run cross country in the fall, and then I go to a bunch of sports events during the winter and the spring. Sports have always shaped my life,” Bailey said.