EDITORIAL: Where did the rowdy Rustler spirit go?

NOTE: A member of the Introduction to Journalism class wrote this editorial as a class assignment. Editorials are not signed.

Have you ever been at a basketball game and the crowd of 100 or more goes wild and the ball swishes into the net when the clock times out. If so, I doubt it was at CMR because fewer students are attending the basketball games to support the Rustlers.
Coming to school events is an important part of any high school experience. With the stresses of school and homework sometimes students just need a break. High school is a time for fun, and even if you aren’t playing a sport maybe your friend is or even the boy who sits behind you in math class. You make new friends going to games and even sometimes become friends with your rivals’ team.
Speaking of the other team, depending on where the team is from, most of the time the other teams have more people traveling to support them than we have at our home games. The cheerleaders have a hard time getting the crowd into the game because they have a small number of people to pump up.
As we understand how not everyone can drive, and you have to pay to get in. The younger students have a hard time with this because they are too young to drive and don’t have a job to get money to come to the games. We feel that if the students knew about the games and had more notice about when they were then they could get the money and figure out rides.The games are not expensive, and we also understand that it helps pay for the equipment and uniforms for the players. It costs $3 for a student to get in and $5 for an adult.
Most people don’t know when the next game is or even if we won the previous game. The school doesn’t hear about the games until the day of or the day before the game. The announcements briefly mention it. When it was football season you would know when the next game was even if it was three weeks away. There were also posters in every hallway and most staircases for the football games. We need to have announcements about the games at least a week before the game and also have posters around the school with the dates and prices on them and they need to be big enough to see. Maybe add some pops of color.
High school is a time to have fun, and going to the basketball games is a perfect way to do that. You get to see your friends and buy tons of junk food. What else is high school for?