New Year’s shopping – Some recommendations

Corey Allen

OK yo, I’ve listed below a couple of albums and movies that recently came out that I think you may just want to write home about. Call up your gram-gram, hit your crazy uncle up, do some extra chores, and update your Facebook statuses pleading for these juicy morsels of entertainment gold. Okay, maybe they aren’t that great… Still might be worth a look, check it out.

1) The Hangover: Part II

 Remember watching the first Hangover? Remember running to the bathroom to change your pants after Galifinakis asked if they really gave out rings in the Holocaust?  Remember the look of utter confusion on your friend’s face as a naked Asian man jumped out of that trunk with a crowbar? Yep. I remember, too. I’m not a huge fan of sequels, I must admit. However this sequel is completely worth a watch. Though I personally didn’t find it AS funny as the original; it’s close. With the same cast as the original, the hilarity continued strong. That’s why this movie gets my top recommendation for the holiday season. Give it a watch, just… bring extra pants.

2) Chevelle – Hats off to the Bull

Chevelle is back with a bang. In my honest opinion this may be Chevelle’s best album yet, as their own individual style truly shone through in this album. It’s a very well balanced album, from more mellow songs like “Prima Donna,” to the more intense songs like “Piñata,” or my personal favorite “Clones.”  The band really came through with this album, and if you’re a fan of hard rock or Chevelle, your stocking better have this in it. Or Santa should be bludgeoned in the face with a large tuna. Seriously.

3) Super 8

“Super 8″ is truly a classic childhood adventure flick. Told from the viewpoint of a group of young kids in 1979, who investigate a mysterious phenomenon after a train derails in their small Ohio town. You can’t help but think of movies like “The Goonies” or even Spielburg’s “ET.” It leaves you with that feeling of childhood wonder, as the plot deepens you are taken for a ride following the young group of friends on their journey to uncover the truth behind the strange occurances. Director JJ Abrams and producer Steven Spielburg deliver a great tale of adventure that leaves you with that feeling of a childhood adventure flick should. You gotta fever, and the only prescription is more Spielburg. “Super 8” gets a Super 8 out of 10. See what I did there?

4) Korn – The Path of Totality

What could be better than Jonathan Davis belting out eerie lyrics in sync with the thrashy nu-metal style that is Korn? How about we add some electronica? Some dubstep? Some… Skrillex? Yeah, pique your interest? Don’t answer that. It’s obviously the second greatest thing that the world has ever conjured. (Toast) It’s all over the radio, and it’s getting widespread popularity. Meshing both hardcore metal and dubstep; for fans of both genres the album is sure to provide an excellent auditory experience.  If you plan on purchasing this little nugget of pure excellence, be sure to buy the special edition. It comes with two extra tracks, and a bonus DVD. The tracks alone, “Fuels the Comedy” and “Tension” (Featuring Datsik) are worth the extra moolah. However, this album isn’t for everybody. If you aren’t a fan of Nu Metal, or Dubstep… well, you’ll probably be appalled. “The Path of Totality” is definitely not something to buy your mamaw for Christmas. Save the old goat a stroke, and keep it far, far away from her John Denver vinyl collection. I’d strongly encourage you give it a listen before you buy; it’s something cool and new to give a try regardless of your genre preference.

5) Rise of the Planet of the Apes

 Oh ah ah! Yep, the title is annoying. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who gets thrown off by both “of the” –‘s in the title. The movie, however, was fairly entertaining. It will leave you screaming “NOOO!” at the top of your lungs hours and even days after your first viewing, believe me. If you’ve seen it, you probably understand. If not then disregard the prior statement. If you’re a fan of the series, it attempts to answer questions about WHAT went on to make these apes go all Einstein and bully humanity into near extinction. Oops. Spoiler! Jokes, by now it should be common knowledge, and if not, the sheer power of my influence will spread the word like the swine flu and probably affect like 20 or so people and then die out. Anyways, heed my words people; the reviews were right for once. The movie IS good, and IS worth a watch for any Sci-fi movie fan. I’d suggest you give it a watch and it may be that perfect stocking stuffer for your nerdy uncle Stew. You don’t have to be a hardcore sci-fi fan, or even a fan of the “Planet of the Apes” series to get interested in this movie. It’s the story of what the next movies are based off of, and you honestly need no prior knowledge of characters or storyline. Its an independent story compared to the other installments in the series. Give it a watch; odds are you’ll like it.