“Don’t be scared homie”

Peyton Fulbright, Stampede Reporter

Saturday night, confusion and uncertainty consumed the premises of UFC 143.

                Carlos Condit faced off against Nick Diaz for the welterweight interim championship. This five round contest was about as close as it gets. Being a judge would be awful, because I watched the fight multiple times, and I scored it a few different ways. I can see it being scored 49-46 Condit, 47-47 draw, 48-47 Condit, and 48-47 Diaz.

                All three judges gave the decision to Condit. Diaz was quite unhappy about it, and shared his distaste in the post fight interview. He was so enraged, the he decided to retire. Diaz said he will help out his brother and his team, but he’s done fighting.

                Because champion Georges St. Pierre was sidelined with a knee injury until November, the future of Condit in uncertain. If Diaz doesn’t stay retired, a rematch with him and Condit is probable. Also, Condit has said he might go up a weight class for a fight, and wait for GSP to come back. In addition, Johnny Hendricks and Josh Koscheck are possible fights.

                GSP begged for the fight with Diaz, and he was quite disappointed that Condit won, because now he won’t face Diaz. GSP against Condit would have been a thrilling fight, and even though I wanted Condit to win, I was a little saddened that the GSP-Diaz fight wouldn’t happen. Maybe one day, if Diaz comes back, this legendary grudge match will happen.

                Diaz of course is infamous for telling Jason Mayhem Miller to “don’t be scared homie.” Looks like he needs to take his own advice, and quit being afraid of losing.