Covering the Covered Music

Corey Allen, Stampede Reporter brings unknown cover songs from your favorite bands to the surface.


So you’re browsing YouTube and you stumble upon a song that you really like. Then when you finish the song, you notice the same song on the suggested videos bar on the right and follow the link to find the song “covered” by another musician.

Yeah. This blog post is for the fans of that. For fans of other artists taking famous songs and making their own rendition of them. It’s becoming more and more popular every day. You’re now hearing covers on the radio almost every day. It’s like: “Wait… Dude, this isn’t Green Day…”

That was close to my response some years ago as my family and I were riding back from lunch eating cancer burgers from Mickey D’s.

 As usual, we had my father’s IPod cranked to an absolutely obnoxious level when the distinct intro to Pearl Jam’s song “Black” came on.

Then the lyrics began, and I was utterly perplexed. For a fleeting moment I honestly believed that Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam had suddenly and finally ascended into the heavens and became a god.

Ok, I’ve heard Pearl Jam’s “Black” a thousand times. I love the song, a lot. However, this was NOT Eddie Vedder singing the song, that much was apparent. I quickly diagnosed the source of this amazing new ear candy.

It was my absolute favorite vocalist and not-so-super secret man crush, Aaron Lewis of the band “Staind.” I honestly almost had a seizure from pure aural sexiness. I didn’t know that bands could cover songs from other bands.

Yeah. I was ignorant, but I never really thought about it. Like politics. You hit 18 and you’re like; “Oh. Yeah I totally didn’t know this was important. Oops.”

Maybe one of my readers shares this same ignorance! That’s right! You! Feel out of the loop! I hope you’re ashamed of yourself.


You need not fret, I’m here for you. Your saving grace will provide you with a simple link. This following link will blow your mind right out of your ears, and then heal it instantly with pure auditory therapy. Bring towels, because…