Engineers welcome home Fred the cat


Engineer Shelly Rydeen gives Fred a little attention following his return to CMR April 3.

Jennifer Verzuh, Staff Writer

A crowd of smiling faces gathered around a black cat on March 3. Alan Burley was especially ecstatic.

The cat’s name is Fred, and he was adopted by the janitorial staff at CMR more than three years ago. On March 17 when Fred was discovered to be missing, they were devastated. In an effort to find him they put out fliers, contacted the animal shelter, and placed an ad on Craigslist, which after about three weeks someone responded to.

“I walked in the guy’s front door and it was him,” Burley, CMR’s lead engineer, said. “I was pretty shocked. I just didn’t think it would be him.”

The man who contacted Burley said Fred had been hanging around his yard, near Mountain View Elementary School, according to Burley.

Burley said he is skeptical that Fred traveled that far from his home at CMR on his own.

“I think somebody took him either intentionally or unintentionally,” he said.

  Fred’s return was a happy one for the staff members, as Burley said he has become “a part of the family.”

 On April 4, however, Fred was scheduled for a check-up at the veterinarian because he is ill following his weeks away from CMR.