“Sexy and I know it”

Beth Stanley, Website Editor

                “I need to lose 5 pounds,” this is one of the most common phrases heard among teenage girls today.  Obesity is one problem that our country has recently become overwhelmed with; however another problem that is just as scary is the growing negativity of girl’s body image. These days it is so easy to get caught up in the “I want to look like her” phenomenon because beautiful women are being flashed before our eyes every day in many different media outlets. Television, magazines, and movies have given teen girls a false idea of what it means to be healthy.

 This is most obvious in the newest Hardies commercials where they feature former model, Padma Lakshmi eating a 730-calorie burger and still somehow has a “perfect” body.  I can almost promise you those burgers are not a regular part of her diet.  Out of curiosity, I looked up the average diet of a supermodel. Most models consume about 1000 calories or less. While this might work for their lifestyle, the average teen girl does not need to be dieting and practically starving themselves just to fit the standards set by television.

                If you are set on losing weight just keep in mind that there is a difference between dieting and eating healthy. The best way to shed a couple pounds is to exercise and eat healthy. Though this might take more effort, it is better for your body and the weight will stay off longer as long as you are keeping up with a good regiment. By doing this you will also feel better mentally, the fewer intake of processed food and the increase in vitamins and minerals has been proven to improve your mood.

                I understand wanting to be thin and beautiful like Jessica Alba or Kiera Knightly.  As a girl, it is natural to feel intimidated by other women. But here is the good news; the thing that makes a woman outwardly beautiful is not her waist size or how large her boobs are. Confidence is truly what makes someone pretty. When you are comfortable in your own skin and don’t care about how other people see you, that is when you will be noticed.

                Every teen feels as though they are being constantly judged and watched as they walk down the hallways. The truth is, sometimes you are. That is just the nature of teenagers, to judge other teenagers, because it momentarily makes them feel better about themselves. When you rise above the petty judgmental attitude and notice people for their good qualities you will realize that you don’t care if someone else notices your imperfections. In high school we are at the peak of insecurity, every little detail has to be perfect otherwise we feel vulnerable. You will never be perfect, I’m sorry, that’s life. But with a confident demeanor and an accepting attitude, you can be close.