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The student news site of C. M. Russell High School

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The student news site of C. M. Russell High School

Rustler News

Senior Portraits due Oct. 15

May 2012

Dear C.M. Russell High School upcoming senior parents:

Congratulations! Your son/daughter is about to start his/her senior year at CMR, and the administration and Russellog staff would like to remind you of the procedures regarding the yearbook senior photographs.


All senior photos must be to the Russellog staff by Oct. 15, 2012.


1. Have a local photographer or professional photographer from another

community shoot the portrait. Please ensure that the photographer follows our rules. They can e-mail the digital photo to us.

2. Have Lifetouch Studio shoot a FREE portrait at CMR on Sept. 11, 2012.

 NOTE: If you use any photographer other than Lifetouch or those listed on the enclosed sheet — including out-of-town professionals or family members — you are responsible for e-mailing your photo (JPG format) to the yearbook staff by the Oct. 15 deadline.

NOTE: You also are responsible for following our rules, which have been in place for years as we strive to create a beautiful, uniform senior section. If you have a family member shooting the photo, please pay particular attention to lighting and background. Very often the “home” photos are poorly lit and taken outside or against a random fence, wall, or sheet. Seniors – make sure your photographer understands your photo requirements. No excuses. If photos do not follow the rules, another will be requested from the senior.

NOTE: Digital photos are preferred, but if you must provide a hard copy of a photo, make sure it is a high quality shot, not torn or wrinkled.



1. Color or B/W — student’s choice

2. Head and shoulders only — no full body shots (do not worry about the exact size of head — simply aim for head down to about mid-chest) We want neither monstrous nor tiny heads.

3. Indoor studio shots — no outside shots in bright sunshine or with shadows on face

4. Simple, plain one-colored screened or muddle-colored backgrounds — please avoid fences, wooden doors, bricks, “striped” backgrounds, “rustic” cabin wood, metal, Mother Nature in the form of lakes, rivers, flowers, tree trunks, grass, clouds, waterfalls, fields of barley… get the idea. Should not be an issue if rule #3 is followed.

5. No hands, no props (violin, football, hat) No strapless shirts/excessive cleavage

6. Save photo as last name_first name (ex: washington_george.jpg)

7. Submit JPG to [email protected] — subject line is senior’s name


Remember, you can go wild with the photos you choose to give to family and friends. Just make sure that you have ONE portrait that is taken specifically for the senior section of the yearbook.

Local professional photographers are aware of these specifications, but some instant shops and department stores, including Wal-Mart, often are not. Uncles or best friends probably do not know what you need unless you make it clear. It is the senior’s responsibility to ensure his/her photo meets the requirements and gets printed in the senior section. Photos from local photographers will be submitted automatically to the yearbook by the October deadline. The only photos that have to be hand delivered to Ms. Britton are hard copies. E-mailing a digital copy is recommended.


Please meet the October 15 deadline so the yearbook staff can meet its first deadline with the printing plant.


Schedule your portrait session for summer 2012 or September — the EARLIER the better!

Once again, it is the responsibility of the student to follow the rules to ensure that each senior will have his/her picture in the yearbook. If you have additional questions regarding your photo, please contact your photographer or Ms. Britton at 268-6178 or [email protected].

 The Russellog voicemail will be checked regularly during the summer (not June 14 – July 8 because I will be out of the country), and I will get back to you as soon as possible. The staff looks forward to receiving your photos in the fall and developing the senior section of the 2013 Russellog.

Sincerely, Beth Britton (journalism adviser)


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Senior Portraits due Oct. 15