Hands on discovery


Tina Keller , staff writer

“It’s right before lunch so it’s pretty hard to be around the dead preserved animals, I mean without licking my fingers every once and a while,” Junior Jacob Weill said.

After you finish the basic science credits, students get to choose where they would like to continue their science education.

There are many options, including Biology 3-4. As a continuation of the biology 1-2 students go deeper into the topics.  One of the major focuses in class is dissections.

“It smells worse than dead animals,” Weill said.

The students receive a hands on experience, exploring the external and internal anatomy of animals. In the class the students dissect squid, shark, turtle and birds.

“This one time I thought I was looking at a brachial heart, but I was really looking at a buccal bulb,” Weill said.

Dissections give the students an opportunity they can’t always get from books, the option to touch and see the animals.