Resigning Resolutions

Katelyn Smith, Staff Writer

 Welcome to the New Year! This year I passed on making New Year’s resolutions, for quite a few reasons. The first being that I make outrageous resolutions.

I remember about 2 or 3 years ago, I made a resolution that I would graduate high school and go to Juilliard for music; being the band geek that I am. Of course that isn’t impossible, but it’s highly unlikely for me. So now thinking about it I realized that I would rather go to MSU Bozeman because they have a good music program.

Another reason I stopped making resolutions was because I procrastinate, which means I won’t get it done. Like at the beginning of the school year, let’s be honest, at least once you made that goal at the beginning of the year saying you would have straight A’s. If you’re me, that ended after the first quarter. On the other hand there are some who accomplished that.

At least once in my life I would like to accomplish one resolution. That would make a really good bucket list idea. This reminds me that I made a resolution to make a bucket list and keep it going and not forget about it! Failed that resolution too. I mean, come on. What teenager has the time every day to work on a bucket list? The most things I had on my bucket list was two things. The first being to meet One Direction; yes I love One Direction, no shame. And second to go to one of their concerts.

To wrap up this whole New Year’s resolutions shindig, moral of the story, I Katelyn Smith cannot follow goals or really anything long term to save my life.