Sheniqua’s Australian Adventures

While riding on my Australian kangaroo, I had no problems. I was only six years old named Sheniqua, and I also had a pet crocodile and a cow. We had some amazing Australian adventures. Too bad they only lasted an hour.

No, I don’t really have a kangaroo, or live in Australia, and I am most definitely not six.

But I was during Spanish class this last Monday.

Imagine a class with only nine students- five girls and four boys. None of us really knew each other before we got to class together, and it is usually very quiet in that room. As a friendly senior, I had to change that.

So when Profé Buley asked for an actor or actress in one of her stories, I readily agreed. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

I didn’t expect to be apparated halfway across the globe, thrown back through time, and given live Australian animals as my best friends. But, like most impromptu actors, I went with the flow.

Without missing a beat, I played the innocent child visiting the zoo. Somehow, my character became more and more mischievous. Don’t ask me how; it just happened. Before long, my entire class was telling me to go to the zoo and live with my runaway kangaroo.

Wow. I guess that’s the life of a six-year old named Sheniqua.

It makes me grateful that I do not live in a zoo, but it sure was fun while it lasted. My entire Spanish class grew closer as we laughed at the oddities of Sheniqua. Or maybe they were just riding the Kim-garoo.