Breaking open the doors to courtyards

For years an empty table sat in one of the courtyards at C. M. Russell High School.  That is, until senior Keegan Kruger asked for the door to be opened again.

“I thought it would be fun for seniors and everyone else,” Kruger said.

Since their opening, the courtyards have hosted many students, including those from the anime club and  the hacky sackers. Although students have flocked to the area, it has been noted that there is only one table in each of the courtyards, not allowing for the necessary room of all students wanting to dine there.

The lack of benches and tables has been noticed by Kruger, who said he has planned for a multitude of fundraisers for these items.

“[It would be great if] more tables and benches [were] restored through fundraisers,” Kruger said.

Even though the prospect of more picnic tables out in the courtyard sounds appealing, Associate Principal Susan Quinn said she doesn’t feel as if it would be the best use of fundraiser money. Having the fickle weather that Montana does, Quinn said that putting tables in a place where they will be covered by snow most of the year might not be wise.

In addition to the weather, there is concern about how students are too loud and litter outside, which caused the closing of the courtyards in the first place. Quinn, however, said she has heard no complaints, and for the time being likes to see the kids using the tables while they still can.

“I think it is great.” Quinn said, “I like seeing kids outside.”

As for now, Kruger, he is just excited about how quickly the process happened.

“I asked one day and the next day it was opened.”