The secret lies with face buddies

I had absolutely nothing to do as I waited for my turn. I was sitting, rocking back and forth to the music, when I saw my friend halfway across the room. He raised one eyebrow, pursed his lips, stuck out his tongue, and tore laughter right out of my lungs.

It may sound kind of childish, but most people think that any sort of innocent fun can be looked at as something childish. The best part of making faces at your friends though, is that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

No one can deny that childhood is one of the sweetest times of one’s life. Therefore, why should it end?

I’m not saying go home and pull out your Barbie dolls or Hot Wheels and spend hours playing with them again, though if you did I would not judge you. I’m just saying that people can live with all the responsibilities we have and still throw a little fun into the mix.

Return to my previous example. If you can believe it, this is band class. I know not everyone loves music the way that I do, but no matter what class you are in, face buddies can make the whole world seem full of sunshine and daisies. Unless you don’t like sunshine and daisies. Then it’s whatever floats your boat.

Faces make people laugh. I’m sure all of us laughed when we were babies and adults were making crazy faces at us. And guess what: it still works. If you make a face at someone, they will laugh nine times out of ten. It may just be a “You’re weird,” sort of laugh, but it’s still a laugh.

So now that you know the secret to laughter, go wear your “Riding the Kim-garoo” T-shirt and make some faces at people.