CMR looking at a change of venue for 2014 Prom

For Senior Class President Gunner Mullins and Vice President Maverick Raile, prom means much more than tuxedos and limousines.

This year, student government has arranged to hold prom at the airport. In order to get the venue approved by Principal Dick Kloppel, Mullins and Raile have been working hard to find out the price of the space, approximate the number of people who will go to prom, and how to keep the event secure.

“It costs $750 for both rooms,” Mullins said.

To pay for prom, student government has funds from fundraisers such as the car smash, last year’s dodge ball tournament and Morp.

Other venues student body officers considered were the Civic Center or Heritage Inn but Mullins said the airport was the better option considering the airport provides security, rents at a reasonable cost, and offers assistant in maintenance.

“We have one day to put up all the decorations and then they take it down for free,” Mullins said.

Both Raile and Mullins are happy with being able to book prom at the airport rather than the fieldhouse.

“It’s great because on one side overlooks the whole city and on the other side there’s the runway,” Mullins said.

“I think it will be a refreshing change of venue,” Raile said, “It’s going to be awesome.”