Senior Picture Guidelines

Dear C. M. Russell High School upcoming seniors and senior parents:

Congratulations! Your son/daughter is about to start his/her senior year at CMR, and the Russellog staff would like to remind you of the procedures regarding the yearbook senior photographs. It is the goal of the Russellog staff to have each senior’s portrait in the 2015 yearbook.

Please make sure this letter is read by the photographer who takes your photo. All senior photos must be sent to the Russellog staff by Oct. 10, 2014. You can schedule a photo session with a portrait studio before October 2014 or have Lifetouch Studio take a free portrait for you at CMR on September 11, 2014.

Photos must be submitted as a .jpg format, and will be saved as lastname_firstname (ex: springsteen_bruce.jpg). The resolution requirement is 300 DPI minimum. E-mail photos to russe[email protected], with the senior’s name in the subject line.


  • Color or B/W — student’s choice
  • Only head and shoulder poses – no full body. Ensure that the student’s entire head is in photo. Do not cut off.
  • NO PROPS: hats, pets, cars, musical instruments, flowers, rock walls, sports equipment, furniture, other people in picture, etc…
  • Avoid strapless shirts, spaghetti straps, and wording/text on attire.
  • Nothing covering the face. Shots with shadows on individuals’ faces will not be accepted.
  • No poses with heads resting on hands. No hands, knees, etc… showing in any pose. Student must be looking at the camera.
  • Size of the head matters. This is a head shot that extends to the upper chest. Do not submit a “tight shot” in which the head appears massive.


Students may pick the background of their choice. These include traditional solid or muddle-colored backgrounds and more modern backgrounds such as wooden walls or metal doors. We ask that students avoid “busy” backgrounds with many colors and shapes simply because the focus will be taken off the senior’s face. It is a chance for students to express their personality, but keep it neutral to have the attention focused on the senior and not something in the background.


If students, parents or studios have questions regarding the senior portrait, please contact the yearbook adviser at (406) 268-6178 or [email protected]. The Russellog voicemail will be checked regularly during the summer. The staff looks forward to receiving your photo in the fall and developing the senior section of the 2015 Russellog.