Three month summer brings endless opportunity

Summer brings ice pops, baseball, and lots of fun. Everyone– including me– counts down the days until the final ring of the bell around this time of year. And now, summer is just around the corner.

Some will argue that summer is too long, others say it’s too short. Different towns and cities have different systems set in place for summer. Some don’t even have a summer break, just longer breaks during school. Some have about three weeks off after three months of school followed by three more months of school and so on.

We have nearly three months of break after nine months of grueling school. Some will argue this system makes it difficult to retain all of the knowledge gained during the school year.

On the other hand, a summer nearly three months long gives a student an opportunity to do almost anything. From holding a decent job to taking an extended trip to Europe, a three month summer can bring anything.

I think our vacation time is just the right amount; I wouldn’t change it for anything. As long as a student knows how to use their time wisely, it can be extremely productive and memorable.