Social media establishes a negative complex in today’s generation

Today’s generation has its nose deep in all of the latest technology and social medias, but are these new ways to connect rotting the minds of people or allowing new and improved ways to keep in touch?

Social media has many negative and few positive aspects according to Shay Spring, but how bad can they Internet be?

“Nothing is private anymore,” Spring said. People tend to put all of themselves on the internet, spreading their daily activities out on status updates and tweets.

It can be a good thing to let your friends know some of the events occurring in your life but having them know every second is a bit excessive said spring.

Spring is a sophomore in high school who spends about an hour a day on social media or less. When it comes to interacting through the internet, spring stands on a thin line on whether it’s helpful or distracting.

In her opinion a social media is anything where numerous people are able to communicate or make “friends”.

As long as you monitor what you reveal on social media sites, there shouldn’t be a problem said Spring.

Savannah Vasichek, like Spring, believes that Social media should be controlled with limited access and safe interactions.

With the internet becoming a new distraction, it’s beginning to make everybody unaware of their surroundings.

“[People] are unable to experience life for how it is,” Vasichek said.

Unlike the typical teenager Vasichek spends less than an hour on any social media a week.  She rather use her internet for learning new words or reading articles. She doesn’t even have any major social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Another person who believes social media is distracting along with Spring and Vasichek, is Lauren Ellenbecker.

“Social media brings people into believing what others believe, mostly because of the majority,” Ellenbecker said.

According to her it makes others want to act differently rather than be their original self. It separates people from reality and creates this virtual personality that is often completely different  said Ellenbecker.

Social media gives people the need to compare themselves to others and makes people competitive. Also with apps like Instagram, it surrounds people with this sort of arrogance and need for likes.

“People feel like they need likes to feel beautiful. Their self-confidence depends on other people’s opinions,” Ellenbecker said.

With all this new technology people are craving attention and depending on unnecessary things. Each day that passes sprouts a new way to connect virtually and separates our generation from reality