Student government takes action for the year

Freshman class president Kobe Rowe strives to get students involved.
“One thing that I’ve noticed that always works is competition,” Rowe said.
He said that he is trying to make it as fun as possible for the students. He’s hopeful this will help students get involved.
Sophomore class president Max Sechena said some of the ideas for the year, include planning volunteer projects such as Christmas Caroling and visiting the Rescue Mission. As for why student government has chosen to carol and visit the Rescue Mission, Sechena said it is to “put a positive image on the school.”
He also said that the sophomore student government is planning a video game tournament and bake sale for students to participate in.
Rowe said that some of the ideas that freshman student government has come up with include helping at the school’s 50th prom and food drives. He also plans to present the idea of smashing pre-wrecked cars, he said.
Each student government class makes plans for the school year.
Senior student government’s main goal this year is their gift of new signage, President Annie Lewis said. She said they’re planning to put a new electric sign in the jock lot. They also want the freshman and sophomore classes to carry out the project since it will take three years to complete.
“I just want to make an impact,” Lewis said.
Along with the new signage they plan on taking care of a big Christmas tree.
Teacher Ryan Anderson, the advisor of student government, said, “We want to make a difference.”
Anderson said their plans include projects such as chess and checkers, shoveling walks around the school, and during the week of December 15-19 each grade will get free hot chocolate.
Student government also will organize the third year dodgeball tournament and help with MORP since it hasn’t happened in a few years, he said.
This school year’s student government is a great group as a whole, Anderson said.