Winter driving has CMR students on thin ice

“What really bothers me is when students do donuts in the car lot. It can lead to a bad accident,” Hill said.
Hill gets dropped off every morning along with his little sister. Hill said that the parking and driving of other students really bug him. He thinks that some people are stupid when they drive and need to realize that they are putting others in danger. When he was getting picked up his father nearly crashed the truck because four students were doing donuts in the parking lot and almost lost control of the wheel and nearly caused damage to the truck. Hill said that once his dad was mad and his sister had an anxiety attack.
Dangerous winter driving in the CMR parking lot affects students in many ways.
“The feeling’s kind of neutral, but I like the freedom but I don’t like the dangers,” junior Kenny Evans said.
Evans thinks that it’s stupid that people are spinning donuts and doing other car tricks on the ice. They need to think about the people who could get hurt because of the stuff that they are doing, he said.
“I think that kids are crazy and don’t know how to park,” freshman Chloe Geary said.
Geary gets a ride to school every day by her mom and says that CMR students need to make the CMR parking lot safer. Geary feels that there should be more safety precautions taken by the school.