The Seniors’ Goodbye

The year is slowly coming to an end for seniors. For them, it’s a time of saying goodbye and starting anew. Senior Danielle Potts has been preparing herself for the end of her high school career since the beginning of this year.
“It’s bittersweet. I’m excited to go to college, but I’m sad to be leaving CMR,” Potts said.
Potts is attending Montana State University next year and is majoring in psychology and criminology. Although she is afraid of college she is glad to be moving on. She believes that students should not have regrets in their high school career.
“Enjoy senior skip day. You only get one,” she said jokingly.
Senior Alicia Henson has high hopes for college next year.
“I want to get a degree and make friends. I also want to try to not be in too much debt,” Henson said.
For her, the realities of the end of the school year haven’t quite reached her yet. Graduation to her should be further away than it actually is.
“It hasn’t set in yet. It probably won’t set in until the last day or the next day when I wake up realizing I don’t have to go to school,” she said.
The fact that graduation is in a week frightens senior Amy Barille.
“I’m starting to realize that it’s over and I’m actually kind of sad,” she said.
In her four years of high school Barille has spent her time enjoying the memories with friends. However, she does have one regret from high school.
“I wish I would have gotten out there more my freshman year,” Barille said.
She will be attending MSU Northern next year to study elementary education. Out of all the things she will miss about high school, her classmates will be on the top of the list.
“Each and every classmate has helped me shape the person I have become. I will miss them all.”