Electric City FFA grows pink pumpkins for a good cause

Great Falls —  The Electric City FFA grew something new this year…pink pumpkins and all for a good cause, breast cancer research.  They sold the majority of their pumpkins to the Great Falls Clinic, which plans to distribute them to their mammogram patients.

Each year ag students from CMR budget, plan, plant, water, weed, harvest and sell pumpkins in their pumpkin patch right outside their greenhouse on the CMR campus.  It’s a project designed to teach students what is involved in raising a crop from deciding what to plant to how to grow them.  Many students have never grown anything before.  And this year they made the decision to raise pink pumpkins to raise money for breast cancer research.

When Great Falls Clinic CEO Vicki Newmiller heard the group had grown pink pumpkins for breast cancer research she decided to buy everything they had and hand them out to patients coming in for their mammograms.  The Electric City FFA will deliver the pumpkins Oct. 26 at 4 p.m. to the Great Falls Clinic Specialty Center.  There will be a presentation, and Newmiller will provide personnel to explain the importance of mammograms and what the procedure entails.  Patients may also be present to voice their commitment to getting annual screenings.