Bond passing invokes a sense of pride for CMR community

Clara MClain and Zach Mell, Features Editor and Staff Writer

The bond passing in Great Falls has caused much excitement from all walks of our community. CMR will be getting a new multipurpose facility for the gym and school sports to use.

Gym teacher Lindsey Gustafson has long awaited this day.

“It’s a dream come true. This place has been my home for almost my entire life, and so thinking that I could get a new home is amazing,” she said.

This addition will be great for the students involved in sports, according to Gustafson.

She says it’s not fun having to set up and tear down for each gym class so with the new building they can do their own thing and not have to worry about tearing down. She also believes that it will be nice for freshman and sophomore sports.

“Freshman and sophomore volleyball teams don’t have to go to West [Elementary School] for practice,” she said.

Gustafson says that CMR has been like a home to her for so long and she really thinks it will bring the community together as a whole.

“Everybody looks at Missoula or Bozeman and sees that they’re still growing and getting bigger and Great Falls just stays the same. So with this bond I feel like they are giving some trust to us for once.”

Like Gustafson, junior Annabella Aline, a wrestling manager and cross country runner, is another athlete excited about the bond being passed. Aline says that it will give the wresting team more room to practice and they won’t have to split up into two practices and embrace the larger number of kids.They can begin to practice together and build a better team.

Aline adds that it will also give a lot more opportunities to get a good workout. She is also excited for students that will be around when the second gym is finished.

“I am excited for future generations to experience the things that our community has put together for them.”