Freshman board ready for the year

McKenzie Connell, Staff Writer

The student election was only a few weeks ago, but already the freshman student government panel has big plans.

During the election speeches, the team of Madison Mitchell, Rylee Mitchell, and Brianna Berryman promised to make the year memorable, even if it goes by fast. So far, they have been keeping to their promise.

Each team member has different goals, but all will work together to complete them.

“[I want] to be the voice of the school,” Berryman said. She wants to be able to voice the opinions of those who have concerns.

“Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean it’s wrong,” Berryman added.

After the team won the election, they started working on the few projects they were given, Madison Mitchell said.

The team has been selling ads, working on the class T-shirts, and trying to break even with costs of the projects, she added. Even though the freshman group isn’t in charge of any large productions, they work hard on the projects they are given.

One of their goals for the end of the year is to have everyone in the freshman class involved, Berryman said. They are hoping to have everyone doing a sport, be in a club, or just helping the community.

Hopefully the freshman class will enjoy school more, and be more active, Rylee Mitchell added.