Preparing kids for new careers in cyber security

Ashton Palen, Sports Editor

Cyber Patriots was established in order to get kids interested in the career of cyber security. Club advisor Jamie Williams, along with some help from the Benefis Tech department and the U. S. Air Force leads the club into their first competition this year on Nov. 11.

The competition runs scenarios and tasks that the kids compete on. Only six out of the fifteen  club participants will compete. Cyber Patriots was started nationwide by the Air Force as a program to help show kids that they can have a career in cyber security.

“We used to have a very strong connection to Malmstrom but with people getting assigned then reassigned it was hard to keep up with so some years we have soldiers come in and help. Other years we try, but we could never schedule a visit. This year should be a year where we can get a few people from Malmstrom to come out,” Williams said.

Cyber Patriots may be fun, but getting around to practice is hard.

“Sometimes we meet here in the library and sometimes we meet over at Great Falls High to practice with their team. It’s hard getting around because a lot of the kids cannot drive yet, so now we’re working with Benefis to try to set up a more permanent practice area,” Williams said.

The CMR Cyber Patriots Club was the first in Montana and started four years ago, and now there are eight teams in the state. Williams is always looking for more kids to join.

“It’s important for kids to join because it’s a lot of fun. If you like computers even a little bit, Cyber Patriots is for you.”