Life of military kids can be complicated

Freshmen Bailey Newton and Jevante Pollard have been moving and living with the military their whole life. Moving multiple times is rough when meeting new people, but it does have upsides to it.

“Base life is a lot better than living just in Montana because we live close to friends and there are not horses everywhere,” Newton said. On the base everyone lives close to each other, and having friends on the base is great. Newton and Pollard are able to walk or drive to another friend’s house easily

“It’s easy to make new friends, the downside is they might move,” Newton said. It’s hard having friends off base since many aren’t able to get onto the base. A lot of the time those on base have to go visit their other friends.

“Living on base sucks but we have fun times,” Pollard said. They play basketball, go to the pool, and hang out with their other friends who also live on base to have a good time.