Seniors encounter interesting scholarship requirements


Maygie Li, Staff Writer

Late winter is when many students are applying for college, and along with that comes the task of applying for scholarships.

When it comes to applying there are some very peculiar questions to be asked, but does the committee actually need to know the specifics?  

Sarah Cherry, a senior striving for success, is signing up for scholarships she can get.

“A lot of them [scholarships] asked for children of a certain organization, and there are a ton of [scholarships] based on race,” Cherry said. The questions can become very specific and students wonder why and how that qualifies for many people.

“There was one through my college that asked, you had to be a child of a firefighter, a firefighter out of Missoula, Aspen, and one other town in Colorado, so really specific,” Cherry said.

Many students can’t relate to scholarships like these, so how are they able to earn the money they need for a college education?

“If there are more students coming from a higher poverty rate, and a higher dropout rate, then some of those are necessary.” Cherry said

Students continue to learn and strive for their goals in success and scholarships.