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Students receive Heisey Awards

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The following students earned a Heisey Award on March 13.

Armstrong, Elizabeth
Augustine, Allison
Bastas, Olivia
Bennett, Jordyn
Bosley, Mallory
Brisbo, Cody
Burres, Gage
Carr, Natalie
Chartrand, Denver
Chiki, Austin
Costantino, Kierstan
Crabtree, Brooke
Cushman, Carly
DeMarco, Molly
Dobrow, Jaydon
Edmister, Emily
Edwards, Kayci
Firman-Leavens, Jasper
Fischer, Savannah
Fisher, Zoe
Forsman, Cody
Fronsee, Misty
Fronsee, Shana
Gates-Yost, Kassidy
Grandone, Jack
Hasselstrom, Jessica
Hopper, Chase
Houlihan, Matthew
Ingalls, Jayson
Jarrett, Keaton
Johnson, Amber
Kluge, Sophia
Kobasa, Alexis
Kutzler, Riley
Larsen, Hallie
Lehman, Taylee
Leitheiser, Dusty
Linder, Nichole
Markey, Bailey
McCracken, Ginny
Mee, Taylor
Mortan, Daniel
Murphy, Morgan
Potts, Taylor
Premo, Courtlyn
Ray, Taylor
Rearden, Connor
Reddog, Loreena
Roque, Mario
Rustvold, Hannah
Shipp-Aho, Michaella
Shultz, Serena
Siller, Michael
Sorenson, Sterlin
Soto, Alexandra
Sowers, Teagen
Stanton, Austin
Storrusten, Cassidy
Taylor, Teagan
Taylor, Zach Adzm
Trevena, Bryson
Weibel, Michael
Wiley, Alexis
Zuidema, Morgan

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Students receive Heisey Awards