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Jayson Ingalls elected student body president for 2018-2019

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Jayson Ingalls, Pres    
Samm Olson, Vice Pres    
Hayden Hilyard, Sec/Treas    
Class Officers: Class Officers: Class Officers:
Carly Cushman, Pres Madison Mitchell, Pres Joseph Stevenson, Pres
Gabrielle Pope, Vice Pres Rylee Mitchell, Vice Pres Cadence Propios, Vice Pres
Carter, Carroll, Sec/Treas Brennan Clements, Sec/Treas Kynsie Schmidt, Sec/Treas
Legislators: Legislators: Legislators:
Senators: Senators: Senators:
Mario Roque Emma Bergman Kendal Blades
Sophie Kluge Kellen Borggard Steven Nguyen
Laura Smith Grace Carr Chloe Virts
Mike Brien Amiya Williams Chloe Pace
Representatives: Representatives: Representatives:
Malcolm Contreras Connor O’Hara Nick Smith
Nathan Hessell Andi Newbrough Carter Phillips
Anna Rich Gail Parambi Brooklyn Suden
Johnnie Frick Adam Blake Madison George
Taylor Coon Kaylee Karjala Jayme Ingalls
Hannah Bailey Quinn Soltesz David King
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Jayson Ingalls elected student body president for 2018-2019