Dissecting crime scenes, one drop of blood at a time

Kaylebb Stahmer and Jayla Mitchell

Flinging blood around in the name of science is something junior Lily Robertson gets to do in her 7th period Forensics class. Other fun and destructive things she does in the class are burn hair and dissolve fabrics.

The week of Feb. 4-5, Forensics classes have been working with fake blood in the newly built STEM building.  Forensic Science is a third or fourth year science credit that delves into the mysteries of crime scenes and the story the evidence tells.

“We go through different elements of a crime scene,” Robertson said. “We basically learn how a forensic scientist figured out what happened at a crime scene with the evidence given.”

Robertson chose Forensics over other third year classes because they “get to learn lots of different things and [the class is] more hands on compared to something like chem[istry],” she said.

Like Robertson, junior Savana Jo Bodily chose the class because she wanted a more fun and hands on elective.

“It kinda caught my eye — like bio[logy] and chemistry, they deal with life and chemicals — and forensics was something different, which from what I’ve heard, not a lot of high schools offer it and I just thought it was interesting,” Bodily said.

So far she has had an interesting and fun time “learning how to recognize things behind [crimes] like fingerprints, hair, and fibers, and learning what to do with [them] at the crime scene.”