Students handle the stress of finals

Katelyn Zuris, Introduction to Journalism student

        It’s that time again. End of the year finals fill students with all kinds of emotions. Some people dread finals while others enjoy them. Most freshmen get nervous or scared for finals because they have never taken them.

     “I just want them to be over,” freshman Sierra Couture said. Couture is not nervous for any of her finals other than her science test. Other students feel that science will be their easiest subject.

      “They suck,” freshman Camber Mayes said. Mayes is mostly nervous for his math final. Math is a subject that many students struggle with. Junior Raef Hamlin is terrified for his Algebra II final. Although he doesn’t feel like he will do well on his test, he doesn’t think he will fail.

     “The key to doing good is studying,” freshman Zoey Schug said. People have been preparing for finals for weeks. Memorizing formulas, rules, and studying flashcard after flashcard, which can get boring.

     Many students use the excuse that they didn’t have time to study or they got busy. Finals are not optional so studying is the way to go.

     “They are ok,” sophomore Peter Dascoulias said. “You shouldn’t stress finals when they come. The worst thing you can do is stay up all night and stress about your finals. Get a good night’s rest and be refreshed and ready to take your finals. Be confident in what you know and treat it like any other test.”