Band plays for Veterans Day at Valley View Elementary School


Paige McCorkle, Staff Writer

On Friday Nov. 8, CMR band played at Valley View Elementary School in honor of Veterans Day. 

Band member Taylor Willmarth, a junior,  said they practiced a few patriotic pieces to play, and the assembly was set up to thank the veterans for their service, as many staff and parents who are veterans were there. 

“I had so much fun. it was good to see the little kids get excited about it and participate,” he said. 

CMR band teacher Chris Kloker said this was the first time the band students have performed anything relating to Veterans Day. He mentioned the process usually goes about by someone from the school calling and asking if the band can come down to perform for the school.

“I think it’s great. The students ran it. The sixth graders planned it and did a really nice job putting it together. It had a nice script, and the second graders sang the National Anthem instead of [reciting] the Pledge of Allegiance. it went really well.”