CMR Spanish Club looks forward to the future


David Mitchell, Staff Writer

The CMR Spanish Club is a diverse community consisting of like-minded individuals with a love for the Spanish language. CMR Spanish teacher Tammy Petzold highlighted some of the activities in which her club members participate.

“I let them decide what they want to do,” Petzold said. Students will go to the movies, make Homecoming floats, or go on trips.

While the Spanish Club’s size has increased over the years, participation throughout the school year itself is inconsistent. Roughly 30 students are in the club, but outside influences prevent most members from attending every meeting.

“A lot of them are in other clubs, too,” Petzeld said. Average attendance is around 20.

For Spanish students, there’s no better way to become familiar with the language than through experiencing the culture of that language first hand. In the future, Petzold hopes that biannual trips to Spanish-speaking countries will become common for not only the CMR Spanish Club, but for any student wishing to experience the cultural diversity that different countries provide.

“A lot of them want to travel overseas, and that’s why they’ll join Spanish Club,” she said.

This year, Petzold wants her students to understand conflicts happening in Spanish-speaking countries around the world. While she understands it isn’t realistic to help those countries, she aims to help the local areas in the communities with similar issues through service projects.

“A lot of Latin American countries have issues, and we’re going to talk about that,” she said. 

Petzold remains hopeful that students will answer the question, “maybe we can’t do anything to help that far, but how can we help with similar problems at home?”

For more information on how to join and meeting times, see Mrs. Petzold in room 234.