Kenczka Scholarship Awards Biology 1-2 Student

Taylor Willmarth

Junior Maggie Petersen was surprised when she was awarded with the Kenczka Scholarship for Biology 1-2 students earlier this year. Prior to being presented with her $50 award, she didn’t know that the scholarship existed.

 “The Biology 1-2 teachers get to choose whoever they would like to give the scholarship out to,” CMR Science Teacher Jon Davis said. “Typically it is the top student of the year. I usually give it out during fall for the previous school year.”

Davis said that Donald Kenczka was a Biology teacher in the district who was very well known. The scholarship in his name was started about five years ago to recognize students who worked hard in his field of passion.

“He was my Biology teacher, and really was an amazing teacher,” Davis said. “When he passed away, donations came into his family and CMR, and his family wanted to set up an account for the award.”

Students are free to use the money from the award however they choose.

“It’s just a nice way to recognize hard working kids,” Davis said. “He would’ve loved that.”