Jessica Goosen keeps busy running two clubs


Photo by Quinn Soltesz

Grace Carr and Raef Hamlin

BPA regionals is fast approaching and Key Club services are already well underway with the leadership of business department teacher, Jessica Goosen. Keeping these two clubs organized is no easy task and both require a substantial amount of fundraising. 

Business Professionals of America participants will be working for the next few months to raise money for their state and national competitions. In the past, BPA has hosted a spaghetti dinner during a crosstown basketball game. However, Goosen is undecided if they will continue this event due to the lack of participation from community members. Most people did not want to lose their seats in the crowded bleachers, so attendance at the dinner was low. 

Key Club has been having better luck with their funding as they sell popcorn and slushies at home-game concessions. This money is usually put towards buying cans for Cantastic: an event which requires groups of individuals to build a recognizable structure from canned food. Afterwards, the proceeds are donated. Last year, Key Club recreated a pumpkin pie and they hope to participate again. 

In addition to fundraising, Goosen and her club members have been volunteering around the community.

“We helped Skyline Preschool with their Christmas party and we read stories to them,” Goosen said. 

Some of their other projects include bell ringing at Salvation Army and raising money for the Thirst Project which gets fresh water to other countries. 

“[Key Club] is a service club, so the more people helping, the more beneficial the club.”